#StrawClever - Column

Column No. 12 (Oct. 2020)

We are commencing operations at the first straw biomethane plant in Punjab, northern India. This is an important step towards preventing the burning...

Column No. 12 (Oct. 2020)

While the EU is adopting stricter climate targets, the Federal Environment Ministry is presenting a draft law that will increase CO2 emissions!

Kolumne No. 11 (April 2020)

COVID-19 reveals: Germany needs a better immune system focused on "Made in Germany" more than on globalization at any extend. This is vital to get out...

Column No. 10 (Feb. 2020)

The CDU and the SPD are marginalising one another as far as Germany’s climate policy is concerned. My demand: make changes to the “team” to avoid...

Column No. 9 (Oct. 2019)

These are my demands to push decarbonisation of traffic which I clearly address to the German Climate Cabinet.

Column No. 8 (April 2019)

We don’t need a “national electro mobility action plan”. Rather, what we need is a national action plan for “affordable, climate-neutral mobility” –...

Column No. 7 (Nov. 2018)

While the traffic lights are on red in Germany for the use of advanced mobility concepts, the USA is on green and has given the go-ahead to innovative...

Column No. 6 (March 2018)

Barbara Hendricks leaves behind a poor and wrong environmental and transport policy which has been manoeuvred into a dead end

Column No. 5 (Nov 2017)

Our politicians are discussing a ban on private diesel passenger vehicles, while there are 1,400 old-fashioned diesel buses on the roads of Berlin...

Column No. 4 (July 2017)

Current legislation suggests that electric-powered cars are an attractive option, while completely ignoring the real ecological advantage of CNG...

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