#StrawClever - Column

Column No. 9 (Oct. 2019)

These are my demands to push decarbonisation of traffic which I clearly address to the German Climate Cabinet.

Column No. 8 (April 2019)

We don’t need a “national electro mobility action plan”. Rather, what we need is a national action plan for “affordable, climate-neutral mobility” –...

Column No. 7 (Nov. 2018)

While the traffic lights are on red in Germany for the use of advanced mobility concepts, the USA is on green and has given the go-ahead to innovative...

Column No. 6 (March 2018)

Barbara Hendricks leaves behind a poor and wrong environmental and transport policy which has been manoeuvred into a dead end

Column No. 5 (Nov 2017)

Our politicians are discussing a ban on private diesel passenger vehicles, while there are 1,400 old-fashioned diesel buses on the roads of Berlin...

Column No. 4 (July 2017)

Current legislation suggests that electric-powered cars are an attractive option, while completely ignoring the real ecological advantage of CNG...

Column No. 3 (May 2017)

Are the days of good old diesel over? Not quite, but the reputation of good old diesel is seriously damaged. Rather drive on CNG - an innovative but...

Column No. 2 (March 2017)

Unnoticed by the general public, legal changes are being discussed in Brussels and Berlin which illustrate the political confusion that the biofuels...

Column No. 1 (Nov 2016)

Once you've lost your reputation, it can grow out of control: Just four months after the WWF published a study warning of the dangers of palm oil...

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