About Claus Sauter

“In my #StrawClever column and podcast I present my insights into current issues facing German and European mobility strategy and energy policies. The articles are designed to encourage politicians and members of the public to include all currently available technologies and solutions in their thinking, and to stop the current single-track debate and decision-making which ignore the facts of the situation and to finally take action. I am happy to make myself available for background discussions and interviews.”

Claus Sauter

BioEnergie expert and the founder and Chief Executive Officer of VERBIO AG

Claus Sauter is an entrepreneur, an expert in bioenergy, and an advocate of more open mindedness in the choice of technologies used to manage the transformation of the energy and transport sectors. As founder and Chief Executive Officer he has managed the VERBIO Vereinigte BioEnergie AG since 2006. With his excellent business instincts, the right timing, innovative solutions and the courage to pursue his goals, he has made VERBIO AG into the technology leader in the European biofuels market, and led it on to an international growth path in Asia and North America.

Claus Sauter leads VERBIO with his commercial skills and with passion, and he speaks up loudly when nonsensical red tape from politicians puts a brake on innovation and investment which can help with climate protection.

Having grown up in a primarily agricultural family business in Bavaria, the current Chief Executive Officer of the publicly listed VERBIO Group has never forgotten his roots. He values agriculture as a strong partner, and has ensured that VERBIO is focussed on processing all types of agricultural waste and residues, converting them into clean energy and sustainable bio-components for use in industry.

Curriculum Vitae

  • Born in 1966
  • 1992: completed his business degree in Economics and Social Sciences in Augsburg (Germany)
  • 1990: Managing Director of Alois Sauter Landesprodukten-Großhandlung GmbH & Co KG in Obenhausen (Germany)
  • Since 1992: Managing Shareholder, Managing Director and shareholder of a range of companies in Germany and Switzerland, formed by him in cooperation with partners
  • Since 2006: Founder and Chief Executive Officer of VERBIO Vereinigte BioEnergie AG